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Thread: My Custom project.

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    My Custom project.

    Hello my name is Alex and I have not really been active
    on this forum. I enjoy looking at others progress and the
    knwoledge that is passed on here. I just completed a custom
    Fiero with my father. Thais is a custom widebody which we designed,
    build the plugs for, and produced mold for. The body is all fiberglass made from our own molds. We are happy we have finally completed after 1.5 years of hard work. I have a topic on the
    Pennocks Fiero Forum and if you want all the details its covered there.
    The project included custom body, Arancio Borealis Paint (Lamborghini Pearl orange)painted by Lambo Dealer,fully built up 3800 SC Intercooled, 13" Breaks,full poly and alluminum mounts, custom interior, basically everybolt and part was taken off and changed or replaced with something more durable. Nothing was left untouched. Thanks you all and hope you enjoy viewing my project. If any of you have questions please do ask.
    Thanks again,
    (Sorry this is not a replica, it is a culmination of every car I have liked and different designs from each placed into one )

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    Re: My Custom project.

    I say WOW!!!

    Looks absolutely beautiful!!

    I think you should Powder Coat the rims black with matching Orange trim
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    Re: My Custom project.

    Hehe.. That is in the works for the car I have a difficult choice
    because I was stuck between these color schemes for the wheels

    I don't know what whould look best.

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    Re: My Custom project.

    Nice car, I followed your story over on Pennock's. I also saw the news artcle on the story of how this father and son team put this car together. Top notch work a real beauty and welcome to the forum.
    Take care. Bill

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    Re: My Custom project.

    incredible car!
    imagine it with a chop top, would look freakin hot!

    will you sell it as a body kit for fieros?

    -If you build it...they will buy.-

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    Re: My Custom project.

    WoW!!!! Now thats one great looking Fiero!!! Congrats on seeing it through to completion! Very, Very, Very Nice Work!!


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    Re: My Custom project.

    Thanks for your complelents.
    We don't plan on doing this as a mass produced kit.
    It would basicaly be the full body, it would cost a bunch to
    produce because it would include all the bumpers,quarters, deck,
    hood, doors, fenders etc. It was a custom built model to show
    our abilities and capabilities.hehe The main reason to do this was
    for me to use it as a portfolio sumision for collegesince this is my last year of High School. I have completed the portfolio and sent it out already. I will major in Transportation Design. We plan to start making custom parts and other things like that, no specific car group, now we are working on some parts for the GSXR 600 too. lol what fun!


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    Re: My Custom project.

    Where did you get the dash and console? Is it commercial or did you also build this from scratch? I am looking for a new interior and am very impressed with yours.

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    My Custom project.

    The dash is a heavily modified V8Archie dash and if you go on the
    link I provided you can follow all the steps to make it look like this.
    I will tell you its a rewarding experience but it take lots of time, trial
    fitting, and lots of imagination. Good Luck and wish you the best in your project.
    Hope that helped.

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    Re: My Custom project.

    Hi all,

    I'd go with the orange lip and gunmetal (?) inner rim, or maybe a metallic black inner rim....The colored wheels would take less polishing than with a chrome lip.......Either one you choose would look totally killer....
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