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Thread: Extreme 355.. & the donor

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    Extreme 355.. & the donor

    Okay, so I'm thinking of an Extreme 355 kit.

    So, my questions are as follows

    a) I'm in Canada, and I hear they have a "canadian rep" has anyone dealt with him/them before?
    b) how much of the donor car is used?
    c) i read their quality of kit is excellent, has anyone seen one up close?
    Anything I should know about the company?

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    Re: Extreme 355.. & the donor

    Rob123 should know about getting one into canada

    He also has a build diary & pics showing the build so far in the link above.

    I have an extreme 355 kit & found the panel finish & fibreglassing to be good quality. I am ages off painting so i cant comment fully on them yet, but so far the fit is good & holes line up well etc.

    The car is basically used whole. You just remove the bolt on panels & bond/bolt on the new extreme ones. There isnt much mechanical work, just modding the rear arches to accept the lowering kit, a small amount of work on the door skins & bottom edge to allow for the scoop & a bit on the rear side window to allow the correct window profile. The front bumper bar is also extended a bit, but its all relatively basic bodywork stuff
    308 GTB Fiero - Complete<br />355 Extreme MR2 - 1st Primer coat on<br />406 Coupe - Daily driver, soon to be Extreme 360<br />(Disclaimer - Any timescales mentioned in the above message are totally guessed &amp; will be subject to &#39;man maths&#39; excuses for why it wasnt finshed on time)

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    Re: Extreme 355.. & the donor

    The mr2 will cost you anywhere from $8000 to $18000 :'( in Canada (they are a stupid price). I suggest you talk to Ashley at extreme. He can help you get a much cheaper donor in Canada (I think it is only for his customers).

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