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Thread: Carlisle Weekend

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    Carlisle Weekend

    I am going to Carlisle this weekend and I would like to meet some of you. Problem is, nobody knows what I look like.
    I will be wearing a black golf shirt with a lambo bull on the left chest, on one sleeve and lamborghini on the other, there will be two of us with the same shirts. If you see me, please stop me and say hi. I will be the D&R booth inside the main building at 2:00 PM. At least that is my plan.

    Jim Dinner

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    Re: Carlisle Weekend

    i wish i could go, but i cant. > :'(
    make sure to take lots of pictures!

    btw, i love your red roadster!
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    Re: Carlisle Weekend

    Jim is your Lambo shirt waterproof? ;D

    I hope the weather is good for everyone, last I heard it had started the rainy season and hadn't let up for almost 2 weeks. I'm not going to make it this year, hope the turnout is good. take lots of pics!


    PS.. I see you started the 6.0 build, I talked to Rick about the body. How is it in person?
    Can you feel me in a bit when you have a minute?
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    Re: Carlisle Weekend

    I can do that right here. The body has no air pockets anywhere and is perfectly smooth. It is a perfect fiberglass product. I went other the entire car with pressure to find some and there are none. I cut into the body in a few places to do some personal mods and it is a consistant 1/4" everywhere. The fiberglass finish (black gelcoat) IS better than a new Mercedes and BMW paint job. In my classroom we compared the finish to these two cars. I teach the students that a show car must be viewed by its reflection and not what you see.
    If you have any other questions please feel free to email or post.


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    Re: Carlisle Weekend

    Quote Originally Posted by jdinner
    I teach the students that a show car must be viewed by its reflection and not what you see.

    How true..
    The trick is finding the reflection on flat finish primer painted car
    Once the gloss hits it the long dips or waves like to show up..

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    Re: Carlisle Weekend

    Any pics of Carlisle for those of us stuck at home???
    And the joke is,<br />when he awoke his,<br />body was covered in Coke fizz !

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    Re: Carlisle Weekend

    Visit My KitCarOnLine Blog<br /> and Links Site at

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    Re: Carlisle Weekend

    Hi Jim

    Sorry I missed you. I wish I knew you were going to Carlisle. It would have been nice to see you again. I left at about 2:00 p.m. and took the family to Hershey for chocolate. That's the bribe to get them to the show. Hopefully we can hook up back in Toronto. I took the family on Sunday to the NHRA car show at the Giant Center. I couldn't finish it. Way too many cars, all nice. I did however spend much of the time at the vendors booths picking up a few odds and ends.


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    Re: Carlisle Weekend

    Hey Paul, I think I saw you but it didn't register in my brain until about 20 feet later, then you were gone. ooops.
    I have pics but I am having issues right now. I will get them up later this week.


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