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Thread: Look at this "interesting" kit...

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    Look at this "interesting" kit...

    Came to my attention via the Lotus Owners Club as most of the Esprit Owners were debating it. Most HATE it and are offended that the name "Lotus" is attached to it. Others like the design but again, HATE the fact that Lotus is attached to it. Still others, are pretty OK with it...

    It's a Fiero rebody that smacks alot of the new Porche GT more than any Lotus...

    What do YOU think?

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    Re: Look at this "interesting" kit...

    Well, the ad borders on misleading since nowhere does it say it's a Fiero rebody. The ad is clearly meant to make you believe it's a Lotus prototype car, built by or for Lotus. That's the only problem I have. I like the styling. Rearward visibility seems non-existant, but no worse than an Artero. Good interior, too, except for the orthopedic mound for the shifter lever. That would be an easy fix, though.

    Overall, not bad. If a kit was available, I'd consider it.

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    Re: Look at this "interesting" kit...

    it's got fiero doors.... (interior)
    it's an automatic.. it's got a 2.8 V6...

    it's a kit, not a lotus, even though he never says that..

    but other than that, I think it's a nice design!! it does look supercar-ish

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    Re: Look at this "interesting" kit...

    I like the design, look exotic.

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    Re: Look at this "interesting" kit...

    I believe this kit orginated as a true Porsche replica from Exotic Rebodies... Then Used or now called had the porsche kits for sale and modified them to look a little different. As for lotus prototype.. Its a lie.. it never was it was the porsche.
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    Re: Look at this "interesting" kit...

    I think Lotus should make an example of this clown - to protect their good name AND the poor smuck that buys this fiero based on lies. Fiero kits are desireable based on their own merit. For 20K, I'd get a good start on a 355 spyder kit....... *Maybe a letter from your club is in order ?

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