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Thread: Ottawa locals??

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    Ottawa locals??

    Hello everyone,

    Has anyone dealt with Fiero Lui out in Kemptville? (I know Sandy has (thanks for the info Sandy )). I saw he has a 308 convertable that I might want to try a my first car and then get the 355 after.<br />Family wagon paid for! Now for the mid-life crisis solution.

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    Re: Ottawa locals??

    850, I saw a real 308 advertised locally this W/E. That is if you have $45K lounging around!!!
    Lui's pretty honest, a bit pricey on parts...

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    Re: Ottawa locals??

    I called him a while back and he wanted about $18,000. for the convertible V6. He also has a Coupe with a V8 for about $28,000. I haven't dealt with him but I know where he's located.

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    Re: Ottawa locals??

    Hey I know this is kinda old but is this guy have a business dealing with Fieros and kitcars? If is where is he located? I live near Gananoque. thanks

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    Re: Ottawa locals??

    He is his web site
    He does deals with Fieros parts and sometimes gets a few kitcars, any way check his website out and you'll get more info

    Heres his address
    Jennifer or Lui Hrobelsky
    311 South Gower Drive,
    R.R. #2 Kemptville, Ontario

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