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Thread: Cartec Wheel Center Caps

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    Cartec Wheel Center Caps

    Does anybody know of a Cartec wheel supplier? I have a set on an 87 Mera and need new center caps?;D

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    Re: Cartec Wheel Center Caps


    Along the same lines for me...I have a set of Cheviot wheels and would like an extra center cap just in case.

    One thing I did was search online for Wheel Center Caps "snap-in" style. I found similar (but not exact) replacements in either:

    Centerline CLL-C70
    Eagle Alloy AEW-ACC310706
    American Racing ARE-1307100

    It depends if your caps are either the push-on, snap-in or the push through type. If you can't find the Cartec caps, hopefully you'll be able to find one that fits and looks just as good.

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    Re: Cartec Wheel Center Caps

    I made my own on top of the exisiting wheel centers. I used bar top coating and a good color picture from my printer. The photo paper is sealed inside clear plastic.


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