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Thread: Fiero, or Mr2??

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    Fiero, or Mr2??

    Hey guys, I have been doing some searching. I was set on the Mr2 setup, but the problem I see with the MR2 is the 2liter powertrain. sure its turbo, but its not the right sound for a sexy exotic car.

    So, I was thinking of the fiero. Fierowill need new interior, and a V8 swap. so, it'll definatly be more work.

    1 major pro for the fiero is.. CHEAP. You can find fieros here for $1,000. Whereas, a turbo MR2 is about 8,000 (I'm in canada)
    if you do a v8 swap with a fiero, you get a nicer sound, and more power/torque.
    However, you need to go through all the labour to do the swap, and also swap the interior.

    Can someone help me weigh my options out?? Pros, Cons?? hellllp

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    Re: Fiero, or Mr2??

    Not trying to be smart a_ _ but when you said "searching" did you mean on this site? I just did one and found a bunch of info.

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