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Thread: Any mechanics in Westland?

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    Any mechanics in Westland?


    Are there any Fiero mechanics or specialty garages in the Detroit area? Now that I am once again a proud owner, I would prefer to take my car to someone who is more in tune with Fieros/Rebodies/Kitcars for service rather than the neighborhood "all cars are basically the same" mechanic.
    If not, are there any local members who would be willing to charge for their expertise? I see by reading the posts that there are quite a few talented builders out there who develop, apply and share all of the tech tips necessary to maintain a great replica.



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    Re: Any mechanics in Westland?

    Congrats on the new purchase.. What did you need?

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    Re: Any mechanics in Westland?

    Thank you EEExotic for your reply.
    I was looking into having brake hoses changed and perhaps converting the stock gauges to VDO. I'd also like to have a trusty mechanic/body man in line in case of emergencies. I work a career and a part time job, which leaves the rest of my free time to enjoy driving my car, hopefully not repairing it. : Are you in the Metro Detroit area?

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    Re: Any mechanics in Westland?

    Are you in the Metro Detroit area?
    I am....I live in Shelby Twp, north of Detroit. Welcome to the group.

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