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Thread: need 308 replica pics

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    need 308 replica pics

    hi,guys I have a 308 replica that i'm thinking of painting the roof on to look more like a targa.the problem is it has a sunroof.I have seen some photos where people have painted the roof and window posts black,it looks good.but none of the pics i've seen are very clear or up close.i don't wan't to paint it and then wish i hadn' can any of you that have 308's with this done pls post pics here or email me at if any of you have had the roof apolstered to look like a targa pls post or email as well.not sure what way will look best with the sun my car is rosso corsa.thanx guys...David S.

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    Re: need 308 replica pics

    Mine was originally a black fiero & the kit was in red gelcoat, so mine had those areas black throughout the build. I couldnt wait to get rid of the black areas, everytime I see one in those colours it reminds me of mine unfinished. I think it kind of draws attention to the main area of the car that is original fiero & isnt authentic.

    Apologies to anyone who already has this area black! Just my 2p's worth!

    BTW - I have the sunroof too & I think it looks good with the rest of the roof red.

    308 GTB Fiero - Complete<br />355 Extreme MR2 - 1st Primer coat on<br />406 Coupe - Daily driver, soon to be Extreme 360<br />(Disclaimer - Any timescales mentioned in the above message are totally guessed &amp; will be subject to &#39;man maths&#39; excuses for why it wasnt finshed on time)

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    Re: need 308 replica pics

    thanx better up close than i thought.mine is going to the paint shop asap.nice that Bill's old car with the 4.9 like mine?out for now David S.

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    Re: need 308 replica pics

    Yes, That was my car and will soon be on it's way to Mark. The glass top is also painted black so it's hard to notice unless you are on top of it. My Mera is all black, I like them either way. Just my opinion.
    Take care. Bill

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