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Thread: 355 Interior?

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    355 Interior?

    Sorry about that. I realized it was more appropriate to post here instead.

    Is it easier to just make an interior kit myself, does someone have a good yet affordable kit, or what's a good way I can get a decent looking 355 interior for my mostly-stock Fiero? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: 355 Interior?

    Unfortunately "Cheap" and "Interior" do not go together based on my research. Commercial ones will run $1500 to 3000 plus. Send me a message and I may be able to help you get some information on one or two suppliers of this type of interior.

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    Re: 355 Interior?

    Im sure you know about this Euro interior at

    Its the cheapest complete interior I have found.
    Its still $1,500 for the dash/console and door panels..And $800 for the complete VDO package.
    By the time you get the dash/console and door panels covered your over $3,000 ..

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    Re: 355 Interior?

    Yeah. That's pretty much someone else selling PISA's product. At least it looks an aweful lot like it. I want to see if I can keep with the 355 look. I think PISA's and that other company's is supposed to look more like a 308's interior. Could be wrong though.

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