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    lamorghini GTR

    I just recently purchased an 88 formula V6 5-speed, that I am wanting to turn into either a 360-cor car (I would like to see the more pics of their cars as they are finished) or a lamborghini GTR. I havent really come across any pics of anyone that have converted a kit to GTR. Does anyone know of any pictures anywhere on the net of one? which kit they used etc....
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    Re: lamorghini GTR

    Right now both kits are not available. As for the 88 Formula, I would not use it for a kit. I used an 88GT, but next time will use an 87. By the time to hack up the car for a kit, you loose what is better about the 88. Plus there is much more suspension systems out there for the 84-87 than the 88. The 88 Formulas are rare and worth more to Fiero collectors. The other thing to thing about is engines. If you are going to use the stock V6, then fine, but if you plan on swapping to something bigger, then using a 4 banger as a donor can be cheeper.

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    Re: lamorghini GTR

    as of right now I am planning on keeping the V6 in it (with the getrag in it already) and having it worked on. You are right about the car and the aftermarket stuff for it, but I picked up the car for $850 and basically it was a steal, since the car is in pretty decent condition overall, with just the e-brake and some minor electrical stuff to fix up. I am not too concerned about making stuff fit as I own a small machine shop and have some sheet metal fabrication tools so I should be in good shape to make one-offs for what I need for the car. I have always loved the lamborghini cars since I was in my teens, and more so recently the GTR look. I have only ever seen one replica GTR in the UK I believe. I was planning on purchasing a kit and modifying it to look like a GTR....but now that air-dynamics is coming out with the 360, I may be swayed to do that kit.
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    Re: lamorghini GTR

    yes parallel i think makes the diablo GTR (or at least a car that looks just like it, whatever model they call it) but you can pick up a good kit here, and just buy the GTR hood (up front) and find or even make the scoops in the rear, there isn't too much to do extra.
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    Re: lamorghini GTR

    does anyone know how the 360-cor kit builds are coming... is there basically only 2 out there right now being done? I thought the website would have had more information up there by now...
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