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Thread: Custom/Kit car registration

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    Custom/Kit car registration

    I need some information on registration for custom and kit cars.

    Basically I need to know in the most details how registration works for kit cars and custom cars. I have found some bits of information for kit cars, which asks for bills/receipts of the manufacturer and stuff. But what if I make a custom car? If it can help, I live in Florida.

    THanks for anyone who will give me info!

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    Re: Custom/Kit car registration


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    Re: Custom/Kit car registration

    The most effective way is to go to your local DMV or check online for your state's Department of State website. They will usually be able to give you the info you need.

    In PA, the recently started implementing requirements that now require the owner to apply for a new VIN number and SCV Title (Specially Constructed Vehicle). Some states call this a Modified Vehicle. In addition, now (in PA) many local inspection stations may not be able to inspect a rebody any longer. I know 3 seperate garages that will no longer inspect my 308 replica. (It now has to be inspected by a body shop).

    Apparently this is rather new in PA so even they are'nt that helpful but at least all of the new regulations , forms and info is on their website. It's best to check with your state directly.

    PS Welcome to the forum.

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    Re: Custom/Kit car registration

    Brian gives good info. Go to the guys you will have to deal with. I have been in touch with the actual Highway Patrol guys, that will do the inspection on my Lambo when done. Saves all the confusion of having to deal with anyone in between, that might not even have a clue as to what is going on. Deal with the guys that do this on a regular basis in your area. If you are not sure who it is, find out.


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