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Thread: Countach Video

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    Countach Video

    This is my 86 Countach replica with a 3800 NA slightly enhanced. This will be up for sale this week in the mall here. enjoy the vid.

    I do have pics up on this site just search my user name.

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    Re: Countach Video

    What kind of exhaust is on that? It sounds good

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    Re: Countach Video

    WOW..u really do have a very sweet ride..PLS i cant seem to copy that is a gr8 vid that i want to add to my me out

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    Re: Countach Video

    How much are you asking for? and where is your car located, I am in LA, looks like youmight be in 818 area code...?


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    Re: Countach Video

    What company did the kit come from

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