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Thread: Custom Car (still)

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    Custom Car (still)

    Hey again guys, I know its been awhile since I last visited my model, but after 6 months I am back and I believe have moved forward in my design. I would like to know what you guys think about my newest refinement. I already have a few ideas that I am going to change, but I wanted to see a general consensus before I went back to the drawing board. Let me know what you guys think! Thanks alot!

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    Re: Custom Car (still)

    Thats a really wide back end.

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    Re: Custom Car (still)

    Do you think it is too wide? It may be because the rear is so high up. Or are you talking about the entire rear half?

    And I had another question about glass... Does anyone know of a possible donor car that has a better windshield shape than a 300ZX? I would like something with a little more curve that it has now. Thanks guys.

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    Re: Custom Car (still)

    The hood seems a little too busy. I am not quite sure why you have two radiator vents and one intake. I would assume that you would have one or the other. Wait a minute, where is/are the radiator(s)? The vents on the hood look like the radiator is up front, but the massive intakes in front of the wheels seem right for dual radiators.

    This seems like a Lambo. They are know for having move intakes and vents that needed or are used. I would recommend smoothing out the car by taking away some of the intakes.

    I also agree, the back end is really wide. It is not in portion to the front. Cars are designed after women's bodies. After all there is nothing better to look at.

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    Re: Custom Car (still)

    looks like some type of vampire car :-X
    -If you build it...they will buy.-

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    Re: Custom Car (still)

    I saw your other models in another thread, and have to say that I liked the others more than this one! They all look pretty good though.

    I don't think the back is too wide, but I do think the rear is too tall. Either that or the rocker panel slopes too far dwon as it goes back. I think it would look better if you took the vent/scoop/line that goes along the bottom of the door, and just cut it off there, making a straight line between the front wheel well and the rear bumper. Or, Maybe the front wheel well should come out a bit more to match the back a bit better. For some reason, the way the door curves makes the front and rear seem disproportional, and gives the overall car an odd look.
    The rear wheel well looks like it's going to take a huge wheel to fill it (way more than a 17,18,or 19 inch wheel) - it looks a lot bigger than the front, and it cuts really high up on the car. To make this practical, you may want to make it smaller, or maybe even the same size as the front.
    I think the inner part of the top front fenders should angle in a bit more toward the hood as they go forward, like a 360. Also, I think the headlights and taillights should be a little wider, especially in the rear.

    Anyway, that's just my opinion. Nice work so far

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    Re: Custom Car (still)

    I like the design and the skill reguired to do that is awesome, but Imo it's a bit tooo busy, It looks almost to futuristic, tone it done a bit and I think you've got a winner. IMO


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    Re: Custom Car (still)

    I concur w/ the others, a little too busy. Not that I could design anything better but throwing my opinion out there since you asked. Good luck!
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    Re: Custom Car (still)

    Brastic: I kind of thought the hood was too clustered as well. My friends keep telling me it looks good the way it is, they are not nearly critical enough. lol. I am planning on putting the radiators up front. But the engine I am hoping to use is a turbo rotary, so I needed extra airflow for cooling and intercoolers, I dont want to give the engine a chance to think about overheating. Haha, there used to be a little bit of Lambo in it, but I was taking the saleen approach of the definition of a supercar has to have at least 48 gills and vents. I was thinking about taking the vents off of the front just to see how it flows. My back end is wide because I like the big booty girls! J/K, actually I was trying to kind of capture the old muscle car kind of feel with the bigger back end, but I think if I do scale it down to the rest of the body, I will still have the appearance of a fat muscle car rear end.

    FataLDeath: Is a vampire car a bad thing??

    RHK: Hey thanks for researching my old designs! I havent really looked at the plan view of the front before and yes, my back is way too tall. Hmm, I can try just cutting that off and seeing what happens. I am actually planning on bringing that curve out a little more to make the door look a little less awkward. I was planning on using an 18 or 19 up front and a 19 or 20 in the rear, but when i tried to model a wheel it looks way too small to fit in my car, and the sidewalls are too big, they look like truck tires when I am done. Ok, maybe someone can clarify something for me in this regaurd. In complete idiot terms, because I am sometimes, a 355/25ZR-19 tire means that wrapped around a 19" diameter cylinder is a 355 mm or 14 inch wide tire that has a height off of the cylinder of 88.75 mm or 3.5 inches. So the entire width of this wheel should be 3.5+19+3.5=26 inches. Is this right or am I doing something stupid? Sorry about the longness, I just wanted to clear that up for myself. I do like the curve on the 360, I thought mine was distinct enough in plan view, but in perspective it disappears. Could you explain the headlights and taillights thing a little more? Thanks for the compliment!

    rodrieguz and funexec: Are there any lines, curves or intakes you can point out that could be removed?

    Thanks everyone for your input very much, and I look forward to hearing more from you!

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