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    Countach Video

    This is a short video of my 86 Countach Replica with a 97 3800 and a 5 speed. This car is for sale and it drives very nice. It only has 800 miles on the car and 28k on the engine. I am asking $28k. I will post more soon. There are some pics of the car on this web site. just search the countach818.

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    Re: Countach Video

    Hi there,

    I am very interested in knowing more about this car you are offering, I was going to have someone build it for me, but they seem to be quite busy right now, where can I see more pictures? where are you located?...

    Jsweeney 8)

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    Re: Countach Video

    my email is

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    Re: Countach Video

    Oh and I am in Colorado on the Eastern slope. Just north of Denver

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