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Thread: TRD and Veiside replicas

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    TRD and Veiside replicas

    Has anyone looked into building a TRD Supra 3000GT or a Veiside Replica?. I have been suffing around at the Supra and found two body kits for the Supra that i think are the best avalable next to the more expensive ABflug Supra body kit which cost more than a complete Diablo kit!. Orginal TRD and Veside Supras will cost you an arm and a leg plus they are very difficult to get a hold of let alone in good condistion.

    Has anyone built or worked on these type of body kits? If so how good is the quality?
    Everytime i see a top of the line body kit it makes me laugh because they can't take a hard turn without losing a section of there body kit which i have seen a few times before or while there racing or drifting.

    I went over to a local Import car show and seen a few 350Z's with alot of money invested in them and they look terrible, that day a guy pulls up in a Manta Marage(Mclaren replica) and basicly makes those cars look "Fake".

    Im very sceptical when it comes to these type of cars, I yet to see one that has great quality.
    So whats wrong with a replica?

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    Re: TRD and Veiside replicas

    people here are more into replica bodies and not aftermarket body kits, so i doubt you can get much info here.
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