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Thread: "You are Invited"

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    "You are Invited"

    This is the Show for 2002

    If you want to have fun! See and talk to kit car builders! or just hang out and see the cars, 2002 Dells Run is the place.
    Seperate kit car class Money for best in class and one out of every two cars go home with throphy. this is our 11 year and it started out to have fun and were still doing it! events all weekend long not just sitting around in a parking lot, We rent a whole resort in Wisconsin Dells and party till the sun comes up.

    This is not a regular car show! for more info check out our web page: or call to talk to someone live!

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    Re: "You are Invited"

    Again if anyone could hand out flyers that would be amazing.

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    Re: "You are Invited"

    I have one, how do I post it?

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