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Thread: California street legal

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    California street legal

    Would a 1986 Fiero with a 3800 Series ll V-6 stock motor and a 4 speed auto transmission (oem pontiac 1998) pass emissions and be legal for california?


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    Re: California street legal

    theres 3 things that can happen:

    1. somehow register it as one of the first 500 "specially constructed vehicles" regged each year and get smog exemption, which is not easy and all 500 usually go by jan 2nd.

    2. go by the regular law, which states the vehicle must pass the newest year of components used, meaning if the fiero is 86 and the engine is 98, it will go by 1998 standards and not 86. if it passes smog (including exhaust, a tricky bit for fiero/MR2/other rear engined cars since 99% of cars have engine up front and CA likes stock exhausts) then you're set.

    3. you get REALLY unlucky and they decide to use the special law (i dont know when they do) in which your car must pass CURRENT standards, 2006. good luck...
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    Re: California street legal

    Thanks for the information, I appreciate it. larry

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