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Thread: dimensions of the extreme f355

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    dimensions of the extreme f355

    Hi there

    can anybody tell me if the dimensions of the Extreme 355 kit are a bit correct. I know that the 360 is practically correct in dimensions, it can even be fitted with the original bumpers. Can the 355 kit also use the original ferrari bumpers or is this not possible. Are there any other sites were i can look at pictures of the extreme 355 kit (i have already looked at the extreme site).


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    Re: dimensions of the extreme f355

    nobody who can help me get an answer? There must be somebody?

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    Re: dimensions of the extreme f355

    Extreme 355 dimensions are very good although not the same as real f355 due to incorrect mr2 wheelbase /rear wheel overhang.

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    Re: dimensions of the extreme f355

    this ad looks like an extreme 355 next to a real 355

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    Re: dimensions of the extreme f355

    Good set of comparison photos, but its not an EXTREME.

    There is a bloke on ebay that sells the panels for these kits. The panels look o.k. as you can see from the photos but fall down in a few places.
    Mainly the doors give it away, the lower scoop & sill opens with the car & looks a bit daft. They have done this as it was originally built to fit the fiero & they just never reattached the sills when the kit was brought to the uk & put on the mr2. The front bumper is not deep enough & tends to make the front look like its been on a diet. The rear panel & bumper are a bit too square across tha back & need more of a curve to look right & the rear wing and light panel is one piece & blended at the corner.
    The bootlid narrows too much & has fillets at the sides which I can only assume were to allow it to fit to the fiero better(also the fibreglass cant be that thick - look at the top of the scoop!).
    Overall I would however say its one of the better finished replicas & im actually being quite picky!.
    Makes me wonder about my aftermarket wheels though... the genuines look really good.

    Oh & blackpass, sorry I cant help with the overall dimensions of the extreme, my kit still isnt finally attached to the car yet so I cant measure it to give comparison. Basically its as good as you are going to get on the MR2. The thing to bear in mind is that I believe the panels were effectively moulded like the Murcielago ones are being done now. So you dont have to do much comparison or measurement to work out how accurate they are.
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