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    New to Forum

    I like to introduce myself, as I am new to this forum. I am from OZ (but British) and have built 2 kits back in the ’90s. The first was a Westfield in 1992 and once that was completed I sold it and purchased an AC Cobra that was complete in 1995 and sold. As I am a Lambo lover I was looking at building an IFG (Warlock) 25th Anniversary model Countach. In my home state you have to get a licence and permission to build a kit car and it has to be inspected at every stage of the build. It took 6 month just to obtain the licence to build the Countach, as it was not an Aussie made kit. The beginning of 1996 I was about to order the Countach but my then Darling wife was caught cheating and instead of buying the car I got a divorce.
    I have not built any kits since 1995 as I decided to change jobs from being a Public Servant to what I do now. The current job means I do not get time to play around with kits so never worried about building one again…. Until 2003 when I saw a Parallel Designs Diablo and fell in love with it. The GTR was what I wanted … but once again cause of my job that idea was placed on the back burner. Until a few Days ago when I was informed about the Extreme Murci, I still do not have the time to do a build but I am interested in the Murci if and when it is available and I hope Turnkey.
    At the moment I have a BMW 740i V8 2001 that I am playing with, well putting money in to… That will be sold when I leave Asia and move to the UK. I have looked at the F355 by B.A.D and Extreme on the net and will most likely purchase one of these kits (Do Not Know which one yet) until a Murci is up and running

    That is Black Ops 8)

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    Re: New to Forum

    Welcome to the forum,(this post could go in General kit car chat).I hope you get started on building a new kit,it's a fun hobbie.
    Hers a good link,with kit cars for sale diffrent countries.

    The road to life is full of flat squirrels, who couldn't make up their mind!

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