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Thread: what's better?

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    what's better?

    i was thinking about doing a ad355 spyder and i wasnt sure if there is a difference between the fiero gt and the se coupe chasis. which is preffered/better, and why? also is there a preffered year? i heard that there is a difference between suspension set up from a certain year.

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    Re: what's better?

    HI all,

    I can't answer the info bout the chassis's, but as far as preferred model year that is up to you... I myself would stay away from 84's as they all came with the 4 cylinder, if an engine swap is in your future you'll most likely wanna stay with the v-6's, due to more comaptible wiring.... Though that all depends on which engine you want to swap too..... But, the 88's had the revised suspension, which also means that because it is better, there are less suspension choices out there from the after market.... I am sure someone else can explain the se/gt question for you, when they come along.... Otherwise if this answer rasies even more questions FEEL free to ask away... As alot of the people on here are very knowledgable and friendly too....
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    Re: what's better?

    When I first inquired of Ryane (now Held Motor sports), I was told that there was no point in going for the 88 chassis when doing the wide track suspension as it would all be replaced anyway. The 355 does require either offset wheels,spacers or wide suspension conversion. The suspension mods are more expensive by quite a bit, but the best way to go IMHO. That being the case my car is an 86 which gave me more room for the N* I now have a 20 year old car, but the only thing left of the 20 year old will be the frame and electrical. I plan on replacing the interior eventually.

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    Re: what's better?

    The 84 to 86 cars had the screwy generation 1 headlight system, 10.2 gallon gas tank and 4 speed munci trans (if you got a manual). And, in case you missed it, a recall for the 84's 'cause they causght fire once in a while .

    The 87 and 88 cars had the much improved generation 2 headlight system similar to the one the Firebirds have (faster, simpler and more reliable), 11.3 gallon gas tank, and either isuzu or Getrag 5 speed manual trans.

    The 88's had the "performance suspension" which is a mixed bag; Much better handling on smooth roads but not much fun on rough ones and uses limited availablility / expensive parts (front whel bearing assemblies).

    There is no differences in the car from the body styles. Also keep in mind that any 4 cylinder car will have more wiring issues in order to do an engine swap because the wiring harness was different from the one the 6 cylinders got.

    One other word of advice: if you plan to have air conditioning in the finished car, get a donor with working or "known" good system. The A/C system can be VERY troublesome and expensive to fix later down the road.

    Good Luck to You

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    Re: what's better?

    I used an 88 GT for my AD355 build. The good news is that for $300 West Coast Fiero sells the hardware to install Corvette C4 12" breaks. This is nice because the OEM 355 uses 12" (OK, OK, 11.5" in front and 12" in the rear). I also like the fact that this kit still uses the OEM Fiero calipers. The bad news is what makes the 88 better is removed in the build. You are going to have to use wheel adapters and risk breaking the front wheel bearings ($300 if you can find them) or goto a wide track suspension. Both solutions are cheeper and easier on the 86-87.

    If I were to build this car again, I would not use the 88. I would find a good 86 and change over the headlight harness or a good running 87. I would also buy a good running car. I have spent more money to get my 88 running then the local running 88 ads. Lesson learned.

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    Re: what's better?

    Minor point - se vs gt ..
    The stripped GT panels are worth more when you go to sell them over the normal coupe panels.
    Assuming we're talking gt fastback.
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