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Thread: Extreme 355 Kit

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    Extreme 355 Kit

    Does anyone know whats the best engine and manual transmission I can put in the MR2 Donor Car??? 4cyl must be a joke :-\

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    Re: Extreme 355 Kit

    Funny you should mention engine swaps. I have been reading up on a 3L V6 swap that drops straight into the MR2 engine bay with no bodywork or suspension mods, it bolts directly to the MR2 gearbox which remains in place & you just need a new toyota flywheel, one engine mount & new exhaust. Its from a dirt cheap toyota camry & has about 200bhp but lots of torque. The conversions that have been done so far show its performance is slightly better than the turbo 2L when in the MR2 & is far more civilised to drive i.e. you dont have to scream it everywhere & the sound of the V6 thru a custom exhaust is much more in keeping. i think there is a supercharger option too!

    More info on (need to register to read) or

    If you sell the bits off the camry after the swap you can almost do the swap for free.

    There is a V8 installation in progress, but its going to be mega hard to do, involve new suspension & moving the fuel tank, etc. Job for the pros that one!
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