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Thread: kitcar suggestion!

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    kitcar suggestion!

    Hello! I'm thinking about building some kind of kitcar. What i need is some suggestions from you of appropriate kitcars. I'd like it to be a 2-seated midengine spyder/roadster (no roof), it should be a modern-looking car like a ferrari 360 for example. But it definitely don't have to be a well known replica kitcar, as i'm not going to built a "lookalike car". Please enter som websites that fits with my description. Thanx allot!

    By the way I'm new at this forum, so hi everybody! Since I'm from Sweden my english might not be prefect, i hope you have some indulgence

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    Re: kitcar suggestion!

    The Ferrari 355 is a comon one, but the only good spyder I've seen was based off of a Fiero and took a lot of work to get in that condition. You'll find the build diary around here, look for Funny Wheels.
    You may find a 355 spyder based on the second gen Toyota MR2, and seeing as you're going for a look alike and not a full replica, this may be fine for you. I havn't seen a done kit, but has a spyder option.

    As far as Lambo's go, people seem to be leaving the Diablo behind, but you can find a lot of information on these at

    I'd sugest a Porsche 550 spyder myself, but their sixty years old and thus not modern.

    I sure much more experenced members have more options for you, those are just the one's I pulled out of the air at three in the morning.
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    Re: kitcar suggestion!

    maybe a k1 attack is what you are looking for. It fits your discription of what you are looking for.

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    Re: kitcar suggestion!

    except last i heard they stopped selling it
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    Re: kitcar suggestion!

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