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Thread: building a custom body

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    building a custom body

    i have been semi, and I use this term very lightly semi looking into building my own custom body for my fiero. I havent really come across too many sites that have any real good info on doing it with foam blocks. I have seen the ones with the checker board layout then they go back and fill in the holes with foam and sand flat.

    In the past i have seen 3 different ways to create a body from scratch. 1st being unrealistic, they used a massive cnc mill type apparatus that cut out the foam to a CAD drawing, this machine was massive and not doable.

    2nd being people used wire foam cutter to cut the foam then go back and do hand finishing before fiberglass is applied. This application is probably more suited for rc boats or cars.

    Lastly is doing all the foam cutting by hand using templates and 1:1 scale drawings..I have seen these done with carbon fiber race 1 off race bodies

    does anyone know of a good source I could reference? I am not looking for the checkered board design though....

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    Re: building a custom body

    Depending on if you're building a whole new body, or adding to you're existing one there are a few resouces:

    Pennock's Fiero Forum is a huge community of Fiero people, a few of which have made their 20+ year old cars look modern with a little body work.
    Graber Cars follows the build up of a completly custom car, from the ground up. They have a small forum, but these guys seem to know their stuff.
    Valica SCR GT This site hasn't been updated in years, and the main page seems to be down at the moment, but this page has links to all kinds of information.

    If you look around on the forums here a bit you'll see where a new link section was posted; just check the build diaries there and see how other people are doing it.
    I hope this has been of help to you.
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    Re: building a custom body

    This is a custom widebody which my father and I built. I made the styrofoam plug of it and then molds were pulled. From that the part were created. Here is the link you might find some thing.

    Good Luck!'

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