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Thread: Information regarding funnywheels

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    Information regarding funnywheels

    Can someone (or funnywheels himself) tell me if the dimensions of his spider are the same of the real deal (width, height, lenght and wheelbase) The car looks damn good. What alterations has he done to let the car look that good. I know that for one he has changed the windshield. Is it a real ferrari windshield? His kit is based on a fiero but can the same alterations be made on a second gen mr2. Mr2's are much easier to find over here. Extremes kit would be the one i would go for. The dilema is that his 360 kit is more real looking than his 355 kit but i prefer the 355 model. Therefor i would choose a 355 kit but i would also want to change it a bit to make it look even more realistic. Can the same alterations be made on a mr2 like on the fiero of funnywheels, or is this just to impossible.


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    Re: Information regarding funnywheels

    funnywheels Has been around for some time,I can vouche for him..There are some variences in dimenchenons,but whos really going to measure your car!Trust your eye!
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