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Thread: Questions about Gel-coat ?

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    Questions about Gel-coat ?

    OK, *I may have found why everyone hates Paul's Exotics. *Got my kit and if I haven't told everyone I m a computer tech by trade. *So I m not the best body man in the world. But I have all kinds of family and friends that do alot of things plus I pretty much restored every car I ve ever owned except my truck I have now. *Started with a 79 Fiat when I was 15, then got my 69 camaro when I was 18. *

    Anyways here is the question. *I got my body kit from Paul at the end of last year. *Since I m not a body man I didnt know what to look for. *I had a friend of mine that works at a body shop over and he said its alot of work to get it ready to paint. *Its has no gel-coat, *just raw painted fiberglass. *My question is, *was everyones like mine or did Paul get the best of me? *

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    Re: Questions about Gel-coat ?

    I think it's a "Paul's Issue" because nearly EVERYONE send out bodies of any kind... GELCOATED.

    I'm very surprised that Paul's did not, but then again, I'm not because of the level of "other" work he's done... Anyway, even cheap companies Gelcoat because it hides all the crap work they did laying the Fiberglass!

    Perhaps, since you went and picked up the kit personally, he didn't have the time and just spritzed it instead of coating it. Who knows. If I were you, I'd call him up, as a stranger, and ask him what the "norm" is for bodies and ask him about the kit's finish. If he mentions Gelcoat and that he always completes a kit with it, tell him who you are and that you want another body WITH Gelcoat!

    If he says nothing about the Gelcoat or that he does not send his bodies with Gelcoat, you're stuck I'd think. Perhaps you can demand you money back or that he coat it for you... Good Luck!

    What a bummer! You HAVE to coat that Fiberglass before you can do anything to it. Your friends were right. That will be a TON of work from where you are BEFORE you can even think about primer or paint. In fact, you may need to remove all the existing paint FIRST, before you Gelcoat!!!

    That sucks! Sorry to hear it man....

    DKOV -

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    Re: Questions about Gel-coat ?

    I understand that you spray gel coat into the mold first because it releases better and like you said it covers things up. It also gets into tight corners well but can hide bubbles. I don't understand why you need to gel coat fiberglass before painting it. When you repair a fiberglass boat you do not gel coat first you sand it smooth, apply bondo if needed and then prime. I haven't done any of the prep on my gelcoated body yet so some enlightenment would be useful. Also, what prep has to be done on the existing gelcoat before I primer it??


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    Re: Questions about Gel-coat ?

    First off, I'm no pro, but as I understand it the Gelcoat acts as a type of "sealer" to the Fiberglass & Resins beneath it. When I ground down my front bumper on my kit, I went to the point that you could see a bit of fiber in one place. My body guy told me that if you try and primer over the sanded smooth yet exposed 'glass, it would separate and abosorb the Primer. I would have to build up the gelcoating again in order to bring it down smooth and seal the 'glass fiber below. If I didn't, the primer, sealer and paint will just keep soaking in and color bleed will be the result.

    He said that it could be built up with a tinted coat of resin. Kind of a gelcoat substitute as most gelcoats are this basic mixture anyway.

    You CAN prep the 'glass by using sealer coats too. From what I'm told though, there is not real guarentee that the color will hold and not bleed nor is there any guarentee that the final finish will be anything other than rough.

    Like I said, that's the word of a layman although it sounds perfectly plausible to me.

    Best wishes for whatever direction you choose!

    DKOV -

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    Re: Questions about Gel-coat ?

    Guys , when I got my body it was half demolished. I had to fabricate front bumber,hood,left fender, rear bumper. both doors where filed to the glass.I did not use gel coat.then complete body was file down and re- two pack putty,block send. used Standox urethene primer ( this one has alum.particals) prep, painted 3 stage pearl . for 3 years collor did not bled or any other blemish. maybe I got lucky.

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    Re: Questions about Gel-coat ?

    well I dropped my 2 doors off at the body shop today. My wifes uncle does custom paint work. He actually sent me to a friend of his that does speed boats and is a expert at fiberglass. He said that is did have gelcoat on it but it looked like ****. Said it would take about 10hrs per door but when finished they would be ready to paint. I m getting the doors done first because the peach at the back of the door where the air duct is had a crack and I could not stand looking at it. Told him to take his time that I was in no rush for the body right now.


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    Re: Questions about Gel-coat ?

    yes you can prep, prime and paint raw glass with no problem, just a lot of work. You can have your body all gel coated. Any big boat hull repair shop can steer you to who repairs theres. I have a friend here who does that. He travels all over state repairing gel coat on boats.

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