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Thread: What needs to stay from doner for registration

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    What needs to stay from doner for registration

    TO still be able to register a kit as a fiero, what is the minimum that still has to be there? I have been told it is as little as just the engine cradle, also have been told the firewall still has to be there. I am planning on a tube frame build, but if I can just use a few parts and still register it as a Fiero, registration would be much easier. btw I live in Florida.


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    Re: What needs to stay from doner for registration

    Check with your DMV. Many have been recently changing the rules.

    In PA, if it no longer resembles the original car (Fiero), it can not be titled as a Fiero any longer. There is a long a drawn out process that is required now to obtain a SCV Tile (Specially Constructed Vehicle) and new VIN number.

    Some states require you to have a MODIFIED VEHICLE title. In PA, They assign another VIN Number and the car has to be inspected by a certifed body shop (And not by a local service station like our "regular cars").

    It's best to check with your states DMV to be sure before you begin.
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