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Thread: 355 Comparisions

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    355 Comparisions

    Ari, and everyone else that is building the 355s.

    When you do a comparision of your kit to the real deal (having a dealership near helps ), what areas do you see as different.
    I want to get a better understanding of the difference of various kits without having to see the kits first hand (Family commitments dont' allow me to go far from home these days :-/).

    This I think should help all of us get a better understanding of what to look for/at when we are looking at possible purchases.

    BTW: Any close-ups pics to compare would be helpful.

    What do you guys think?

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    Re: 355 Comparisions

    Well, I don't have the time right now to post pictures but the most most obvious difference between most kits and the real thing is that the real thing has seperate bumpers, while most kits are just single body panels.

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    Re: 355 Comparisions

    Well that is one of the things, with my kit the rear bumper is seperate. However mine does not have seperate rocker panels. I wonder if there is a kit out there with seperate rocker panels and bumpers ??

    I ve only seen a few kits. There is a Ferrari dealer in Orlando and I ve been there a couple of times. Underneath the car is a biggie and the interior. But most people have never seen a 355 up close so they are not gonna know what to compare it to.


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    Re: 355 Comparisions

    The Mirage 355 has separate rockers and separate rear bumper. In fact, all the panels that should be separate - the rear tail light surround, the front "slip" betweent he headlamps/decklid and the front bumper, the front bumper itself, etc. - are accurately reproduced on the Mirage.

    I suppose that anyone could cut these parts off of their IFG splash kits and glass on new ridges too. It's really what you want to make of it.

    Yes, the Venturi decking under the car is amazing and very different, but... The detail you add to your kit is only a matter of funding and insanity!

    For example... the complete Venturi decking CAN be had!

    The interior is another example... there are some very exact replica interiors, some that even include REAL F355 parts, vents, switches and other items. Mr. Mike Replica seat replacements are very good too.

    I've got the extreme and am putting more REAL 355 stuff on my car than not... Steering wheel, switches, interior lights, vents, gauges, etc. On the outside, real lenses, light buckets, badges, grills, vents and even mirrors.

    I've considered using the Venturi decking not so much for visual correctness but for the added handling benefits. My Lotus Esprit Turbo has a similar undercarriage design that creates the same Venturi effect and WOW, will that car hold the road even under Positive Vertical Gs.

    I've got some pics (actually a TON pf pics) of both Mirage and Real F355 kits sitting at the same stance. I took these for visual aids when finishing my Mirage kit. I'll see if I can't get them scanned into my machine and upload them to my F355 Build Diary site. That way you can all see the side by side comparrisons. Pretty cool actually!

    By the way, for those of you that don't know my site address, it's:

    Good question!

    DKOV -

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