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Thread: VIN plates/changing title

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    VIN plates/changing title

    hey guys,
    i recently found a datsun 280zx in a junkyard [fairly good condition, just minor front fender damage] everything seems to be in order, just needs a battery to get running...only problem is that the car does NOT have a title, and the junkyard guy said that i'd have to find a different VIN code for the car to title it... (he said it wasn't stolen or anything, i dunno what it was) but i need to know where i can find a VIN plate for the car....!!!!!!

    the car is $250

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    Re: VIN plates/changing title

    Different states have different laws.
    In GA you are not required to have a title on pre 85 year models.
    Look at your states dmv website and dept of revenue site.
    I think here in GA you can get the car inspected (about 100 bucks) and can be issued a new vin a couple of different ways.

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    Re: VIN plates/changing title

    what you are proposing to do is illegal

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    Re: VIN plates/changing title

    Quote Originally Posted by speedster11
    hey guys,
    the car is $250
    If you do the smart thing you should sell the car FOR RARTS on eBay....280ZX cars in running condition and no rust are hard to find and you'll make a ton of money..

    If you don't want to sell then find someone in a state where no Title is required, just a Bill of Sale, to register the car....Then buy it back from him....

    Otherwise swaping vin plates is what crooks usually do...



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    Re: VIN plates/changing title

    if it's reported stolen, then you're out of luck, otherwise there shouldnt be any real legal issues. with swapping vin plates and such, i'd say too risky.
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    Re: VIN plates/changing title

    I would bet that the car was abandoned or sold for scrap to the junkyard. If that's the case (at least in Iowa), you won't be able to retitle the vehicle.

    You definitely need to contact the DMV to see what's possible. I believe you can have a title search done to find when the car was last registered, but I'm not sure how much that would help you.

    I've fixed a few totalled cars; one needed an entire rear clip, so half the car was literally another car. The inspector told me that whichever firewall was used would be the titled vehicle. If the same is true in your state, perhaps you could buy the firewall out of a clean titled Z car, swap them and retitle it as the firewall you bought. So long as none of the parts are stolen, this COULD be perfectly legal, depending on your state's laws. Maybe that isn't worth the effort, but it's an option.

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