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Thread: MR2 Concept

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    MR2 Concept

    Anyone got info on this?

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    Re: MR2 Concept


    Do you like that? I have no information on it but it does not seem the best use of an MR2 to me. But what do I know. ;D


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    Re: MR2 Concept

    no its not, but what an eye catcher.... it looks like aconcept car...

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    Re: MR2 Concept

    Reminds me of the Mercedes F400:

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    Re: MR2 Concept

    What's up with the extreme camber on that mercedes? And is that the one with the removable wheel fairings?

    The MR2 has some really neat design ideas, especially the door cutous and the front spoiler.

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    Re: MR2 Concept

    had the wife looking everywhere for information on that MR S and can not find anything... sorry guys no help here

    Black Ops 8)

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    Re: MR2 Concept

    The wheels are a different diameter on the inside than the outside & have custom made tyres. It has a computer controlled wheel camber set up & its supposed to make it handle better?

    The styling is imaginative on that mr2, but not really my thing.
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    Re: MR2 Concept

    good luck driving that mr2 in UK, see the nice hole in the door, and I don't think the top comes up anymore :P

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