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Thread: what Color ?

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    what Color ?

    I still have alot of work and body prep before even thinking about paint. But after about a year of building my car I just cant decide on what color to paint my Countach. I think this must be one of the hardest choices to make after so much work on building this car First it was red then Jet black which was my color choice till this week. But I have seen one of the diablo's in Titanium silver, Well I think It will be either black or titanium. AHHH decisions decisions . What color does everyone think ? What colors is everyone thinking about for your cars ?


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    Re: what Color ?

    Black is a very nice colour, but you have to keep up with it on a regular basis. It shows alot of micro scratches and swirl marks. Be prepared to polish and wax alot to keep it looking good.
    Now Titanium Silver would be a easier choice and less worry some, it can hide most scratches because it's light in colour.

    I recall looking at a used red Diablo at a dealership, it was horrible the paint was faded, no shine, no deep glossy look and they still wanted $185,000 Can. Guess what I'm trying to say is if you don't want the hassel of cleaning your car's paint every other day then go with the Titanium Silver.
    Also buy a car cover to keep the dust off it even if it parked inside.
    Just my 2 cents

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    Re: what Color ?

    Today, I finished priming the body of my Countach… I am getting so close to finishing the car… All Winter I’ve been trying to decide what color to use as will, like Lamboman. It is a big decision to make. I also narrowed my choices down to two colors, Platinum Silver or Inka Pearl (Gold color).

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    Re: what Color ?

    Heh,that reminds me few years back when I had mine first IFG,I paint it yellow , roll it out of booth and in 10min she was back geting new color. So make sure what you want.also custom paints are cool but if you get some scratches or body crack it's more difficult to spot repair.

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    Re: what Color ?

    I was leaning towards yellow, then that porsche orange I showed you all before... now I'm back to red. It's classic, paint it plentiful, and should keep a fairly good resell value
    (Who doesn't like a red sports car, aside from the insurance agencys of course!)

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