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Thread: fejer 308/328 kit

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    fejer 308/328 kit

    Anyone here have experience with em? Have a chance to get one not sure if I should since I really want the 355, but I always liked the 328s.
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    Re: fejer 308/328 kit

    Get what you want, even if it means saving up.
    I had a Fejer 328 mounted on my chassis, ready for paint.
    I sold the 328 body off the car to build the 355.
    Let me put it this way.
    Would you rather have a $100,000 car
    or a $30,000 to $40,000 dollar car?
    The neat thing is the 355 doesn’t cost much more to build and resale value is so much better.

    Building the 328 was fairly simple.
    The hardest part was mounting the new hood on the old hood, which wasn’t bad.
    Nope, the hardest part was trying to figure out all of them damn brackets that came with the kit.

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