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Thread: John at thefiberglassworkshop Diablo R.

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    John at thefiberglassworkshop Diablo R.

    I highly recommened john from the to anyone looking for a lamborghini. My diablo roadster, is running very strong now, and looks amazing! Anyone wanting a honest worker please call or email john.


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    Re: John at thefiberglassworkshop Diablo R.

    I understand your initial frustration with your car ..

    Its good of you to come on here and show that you realize what a great car you recieved for the price.
    If I were to have a Diablo built I would without question be contacting John.. Maybe in a few years I will be able to afford such a beautifull car..$$$$$ :-\ Hopefully

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    Re: John at thefiberglassworkshop Diablo R.

    sounds good. What cars do you have now, Mr. Ferrari?

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    Re: John at thefiberglassworkshop Diablo R.

    I bought a 308 replica from aa2uk (Bill) a member of this forum.
    It has a Cadillac 4.9 and many many interesting changes done to the car..
    I have had the F40 kit for about 10 years and it is still just as I bought it.. It is to much of a project for me to handle with my insecurities about my building abilities.. I was almost killed in an automobile accident about a year ago and decided to buy a complete car so I could drive a exotic around like I have dreamed of for years..And after 10 years of having a Ferrari body sitting in my garage I knew I would never get it together and with my injuries I knew building a kit would be even more complicated..

    Well thats my storie and this is the car.. My ultimate goal would be to get into a Lambo someday if I can afford it and am still kicking.. ;D

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    Black Ops

    Re: John at thefiberglassworkshop Diablo R.

    Mr Ferrari,

    The 308 looks great mate... Congrats on the buy, enjoy driving it!

    Black Ops 8)

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    Re: John at thefiberglassworkshop Diablo R.

    Hey Mr. Ferrari,

    Great looking 308, I love the 308-328's. I was thinking of getting a 308 and making it into a 288 gto.
    If you live close to me (probably live in the u.s. lol..) you could come by and see mine and take it for a spin--- maybe! lol.....

    take care


    (I had a Ferrari Daytona Spyder, with a 400hp v8, and a dodge challenger with a 450hp drag 340 punched out with slicks before the diablo.) Next maybe a testarossa spyder, or another daytona or a 288 gto.

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    Re: John at thefiberglassworkshop Diablo R.

    love all the pics, thats one very nice ride you have there. enjoy! thanks for sharing mr ferrari. its good to hear positive stories like these.

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    Re: John at thefiberglassworkshop Diablo R.

    Awsome pic of the 308 you got there.

    I was concidering doing a 308 back when I was in highschool but that has pass and im now looking into something more exotic.

    I was also concidering a 308 turned into a 288GTO and droping in a twin turbo up grade and giving it a bottle.

    But seriously MR Ferrari if you plan on getting into a Lambo then please to ever think about gettin rid of the 308, not many kitcar owners I know have multible exotics.
    So whats wrong with a replica?

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