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Thread: New here. And love the site.

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    New here. And love the site.

    I just found the site and spent most of the afternoon reading posts on it. My name is Mark and I am building an unstretched F50 on a 86GT body. I don't currently have pictures of it but I will take some soon and post them.

    The body is from and I bought it January 2001. Yes I have had the kit 15 months, but since I have four kids (ages 6,11,13,15) all involved in weekend sports, I am limited to working on the car a couple of evenings a night. The chassis currently is stock with ST lowering springs and all poly bushings. I have a 3.4L engine going into it (froma 95 camaro) and I eventually want to put a V8 in it.

    Since I am approaching a good panel fitment, I have been struggling with the wheel tire issue that I think all Ferrari replica builders have to deal with. Seems as how I want to get this on the road and being driven, I want to get some inexpensive wheels either with adapters or large positive offsets. Later I want to go to nice fiero bolt pattern wheels (Koenigs) with the wide track suspension frm Held, but having to buy the longer axles with the wide track is just really expensive.

    I am going to finish the body, add wheels, paint and then register it and start driving. After that upgraded interior, suspension and V8 in that order.

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    Re: New here. And love the site.

    Welcome aboard mshill! Don't worry, from what I understand some people on this board have been working on their cars for over two years. Excited to see some pics

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