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Thread: 360 modena replica??????????????

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    360 modena replica??????????????

    whats up yall well let me start off by saying today i saw a 360 spider and he made his way to catch up with me(dont ask why) when i saw and heared it i was in love with it and i want one but i am unwilling to shell out 175 thousand for one.

    now can it be done on a fiero?? ive seen that other place that claim that the have one but it looks just exactly like my little brothers model 360 spider.

    is anyone gonna attempt to make it?
    i would love to have one but is seems not i have a 355 on my mind and it seems that that will be the kit i eventually get.
    bb spyder has a marvelous kit.
    ferrari thinks they are slick by putting a glass over the engine!
    but a 360 would be nice only that the convertible top will not be powered like the real one or for enough money it might

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    Re: 360 modena replica??????????????

    I am currently working on my own 360 type replica... but i think i may stcik with the coupe. I may make 2, 1 for my fiance and 1 for me. I am haveing the body sculpted in foam and from there i will modify them to fit a second generation MR2 or fiero.. just not sure wich platform to use. BUT ITS EXPENSIVE!!!!

    So it is an ongoing project that make take me about 2 to 3 years to complete. I don't think i will take the chance of selling panels as ferrari leagle eagles would easily come flying down on me.
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    Re: 360 modena replica??????????????

    did you contact the guy @ on his website he's advertising a custom fabrication business most designs for $40,000-worth a look anyway

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    Re: 360 modena replica??????????????

    Sorry to say, I wouldn't touch with a 20 foot pole.
    They are aka, the steal others images and post them as their own. I have also read about them on other consumer alerts pages.

    None the less I am looking to keep the project based here in Canada. But with the cost involved i may just build my own Diablo Roadster. hmmmmmmmmm money money money.

    But being different i have my own version ... see "The Diablo Lamborghini never made"
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    Re: 360 modena replica??????????????

    360wanna_be, can you post the sources of the alerts for I actually have one of the few non-stretch F50 kits that he (David) sold in kit form. I have always had an eye out for issues, but have never seen any. Since I have delt with David Shannon in person ( I went to see the kit and finished cars prior to purchasing and even picked it up in person) I think I can comment a little on what he is doing over at I bought from them because I had to have the unstretched F50 kit and no one else makes it.

    David Shannon is a young man with some really good ideas. He is really only marketting the kits for some others that have typically only made turnkeys. So the "kits" are not really kits but more of a collection of body panels. The guys that do the turnkeys are very familiar with how to assemble them, but have yet to really document the process well. So building one of their cars is pretty much "you engineer it as you go" project. The best way to make contact with David is by phone, he is too overwhelmed with the quantity of email he gets to be able to respond in a timely fashion.

    The glass on my F50 kit is very high quality. It came in a good gelcoat finish with all light and grill holes cut, even the fuel filler hole is cut. The fitment, so far, seems to leave a little to be desired. I have quarter to half inch mismatches where the decklid mates to the rear quarter panel just in front of the wheel. Other than that the panel quality is very good. The instruction I got were a few hand drawn pictures on a single sided 8.5x11 inch paper with some very strange phrases and spelling. based on those instructions I would not have them assemble a car for me, simply because it seems that they focus on the external appearance as opposed to overall strength and useability. :-/

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