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Thread: Nice car on Ebay

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    Nice car on Ebay

    Started as a Marauder im assuming a Marauder MkX. But this is a really clean looking car.

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    Re: Nice car on Ebay

    That is a very nice looking car. Looks like it isn't a perfect replica of a countach but, a beautiful car by itself. I really like the engine bay.

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    Re: Nice car on Ebay

    those seats ......mmmm! ;D
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    Re: Nice car on Ebay

    Unless you are under 5'10" in height and fairly skinny you will NOT be able to fit in this replica....The ergonomics and design of the interior is terrible....How can anyone see the speedo and tach the way it's installed in between the steering wheel?? The Recaros looks nice though....

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    Re: Nice car on Ebay

    wow! so nice car! the body lines are so smooth...
    i like it much more than the original one.. ;D

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    Re: Nice car on Ebay

    Front wheel arches look a little "off" but I guess larger rims up front could take care of that.

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    Re: Nice car on Ebay


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