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Thread: DDR Motorsport is ready to start taking orders!

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    DDR Motorsport is ready to start taking orders!

    Hello people, we're informing everybody that the DDR Motorsport SP4 is ready to be fabricated, it is being built in the US so shipping will be from there. Price for the SP4 kit is US$23,700.00 with 50% of the total cost to be paid upfront to start the fabrication process.

    You can make your payment through Wire Transfer or Check. Its required that you call personally to discuss all the details of your order and for payment. Please visit the Contact Us page on the DDR Website.

    Thanks for all your support so far and we hope to make the DDR a household name in the kit car market.

    The DDR Team.

    DDR Motorsport Team
    The DDR Team - DDR Motorsport<br /><br />

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    Re: DDR Motorsport is ready to start taking orders!

    Well if i don't buy a Fiero at the end of the month you might be hering from me.
    So whats wrong with a replica?

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    Re: DDR Motorsport is ready to start taking orders!

    what does hte price include of?

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    Re: DDR Motorsport is ready to start taking orders!

    It is a nice car but I can't see spending 40-45K on a finished one. I think you will have a hard time competing with the factory five GTM which is cheaper and a more complete kit. Good luck with your business.

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    Re: DDR Motorsport is ready to start taking orders!

    Hi all,

    When do you think you'll have a working, or one for testing, SP8? I read from that your thinking of using vette suspension, and a G50 trans, does the trans setup mean that the SP8 will be longitudinal? Also, the vette setup sounds awesome, great choice there, but what year(s) setup are you thinking of, i.e., C4, C5??

    What is the size of the gas tank for the SP8?.... Have you worked out the deal for windsheild wipers or nay? Would love to see pics of this... Will there be HVAC controls in the car, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning?? Does the car come with pwr mirrors?
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