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Thread: Roof is cut.  

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    Roof is cut.  

    Well, Hope I m not bugging noone with all my updates. Today as promised the roof came off. I didn't have a way to get the rear glass out and didnt want to brake it. So I cut the roof off with the glass in as you can see. Next stage is to install the engine and get it running. I have decided to go with the 2.8 that I rebuilt. Its a good engine and with it bored over .30 and a chip in the computer I think it will give me enough power for now. Plus its easier.

    I still looking for some replica taillights if anyone knows where to find some. Not the corvette lights.


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    Re: Roof is cut. *

    Good Work Bo, I love seeing the progress of others...

    It seems like there is really a need for someone to step in and make some replica tail lights... You listening Scott or Rodney?

    The guy I bought my kit from paid a local company to make replica lights for him... they ended up being about $60 USD a lens... Unfortunately (Well actually fortunately!) he is out of the Kit Car Business now so I wouldn't be able to get you any through him.

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