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Thread: is this an extreme 355?

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    is this an extreme 355?

    Hey everyone

    Im going to buy a 355 rep in UK
    Does anyone knows this car history? Is this an extreme kit?
    What you think of it?


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    Re: is this an extreme 355?

    yes its one of ours

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    Re: is this an extreme 355?

    i dont know about some of his pricing though.
    if he has reciepts to prove he paid 4000 on the interior
    i know you have to 'talk up ' when your selling anyway.
    we all do it
    ' never been in an accident!' ;D

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    Re: is this an extreme 355?

    ive looked at this car before when i went to mirror finish and it has had no exspense spared and i think he could of easily of spent 4000 on the interior, all the work on that car is top quality, the car has genuine ferrari seats which couldnt of come cheap and when you take into account the rest of the interior work like trimming to centre console,dash,door cards,roof lining etc and good trimmers dont come cheap

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