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Thread: New vehicle showroom

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    New vehicle showroom

    Something totally off-topic..

    I plan building a car showroom and have about 1000sqm of showrrom space for medium to luxury cars. Anyone on the forum is creative or can give me ideas, or even perhaps refer me to a good architect for this?

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    Re: New vehicle showroom

    illuder did you mean 10,000 sq ft? My shop building is 30X36 ft and two cars would be all I could get in there and actually have room to walk around the cars. I might could get three the size of a 360, but you mentioned luxury cars and most of them are larger???

    BTW AutoMx could do the design for you. I know he did the design of a house for someone on this site. I can't remember the name.


    ps I am an ex-builder and could sketch it for you but as for a creative design....... :-[

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    Re: New vehicle showroom

    sqm = sq meters = sq metres :-)
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    Re: New vehicle showroom

    1000 sq m is about 10,763 sq ft or so.
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    Re: New vehicle showroom

    Hey Illuder,

    Thatís very interesting you mention this....

    I am an Architect, and one of my big plans of course for my own house is to design a show room for my cars. Just like a carpenter, his own basement is never finished, i've never had the time to put together a design, but, all of my presentation work is done with some pretty sophisticated 3d modeling software as its always so much easier for my clients to pick out finishes when they can see what they look like in a photo.

    I'd be interested in working with you on a project like this. Im assuming this is also for your home and personal storage and show of your cars? or is this a commercial application? I work in both industries.

    I'll post some of my work so you can see what im all about, but it sure would be a marriage of both my passions, to design a Lamborghini show room.


    ;D ;D ;D

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    Re: New vehicle showroom

    Sorry about the sq ft and sqm thing. I knew 1000 sqft was gonna be small! ;D


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