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Thread: Fiero Engine swap info!!!!!!

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    Fiero Engine swap info!!!!!!

    To all you guys that know what your talking about I livie in California and have a fiero v-6 auto. i would really like to take out the Fiero engine and put something more modern in it. I don't want to put some 400hp engine in the car just an engine thst is legal for smog, i don't want to hot rod the engine out. I want the engine to work in the fiero just ilke in the orignal car it came out of. i want to use an engine conversion from west coast Fiero. What do i need to do, or have?, so when it comes time to smog i wont have any problems or am i just dreaming?

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    Re: Fiero Engine swap info!!!!!!

    Why don't you call west coast Fiero and see what their reccomendations are?

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