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Thread: Lamborghini Engine Covers

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    Lamborghini Engine Covers

    Hey all,

    i think the turning point for the Lamborghini replica for me was when the engine could realistically be replicated too, well for show at least. I dont remember the details but i think it was someone, in fact a father and his two kids who created the molds for the first replica engine cover, and i was wondering if im just imagining this or if im correct. Possibly out of British Columbia? I may be mixing the story up with something else but in any case, im really interested in learning how this is actually done and if anyone is working on or thinking about working on a Murci version as well.

    Reason i ask, i've come accross an L640 that took some damage and is in a scrap yard near by, i was thinking of looking into it and getting it done myself but honestly i have no idea where to start.

    Similarly, Extreme is building the murci kit which is looking FENOMINAL! and what would really top it off is a replica engine bay to boot, so if its a similar process as taking molds off the body, perhaps Extreme would be interested in producing a replica engine cover? i know i certainly would be interested in buying one, thats for sure.


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    Re: Lamborghini Engine Covers

    this is my engine bay but I dont see why you could not get away with the diablo fake engine cover.I hope to be doing an engine cover for the murci but the 360 cover comes first
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    Re: Lamborghini Engine Covers


    That sounds great, not only are you planning on doing an engine replica of the murci, but of the 360 too? wow! Honestly i must say, i never... EVER considered a ferrari build, simply because all the models i've ever come accross myself have just been really sad, but you definately have a dam good thing going with your 360, i mean its mind bogling to see the finished built cars on your website... WOW i cant wait to see an extreme murci website.

    I would definately be looking at keeping as authentic as possible which is why i am not interested in using the existing diablo engine cover in my murci build... sorta like using 99 VT interior on a murci, instant give away, and am certainl willing to pay for the quality of a good engine cover. Especially for the murci, its a very simple looking setup, doesnt look like it would take much at all to do.

    Keep it up, still very impressed.



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