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Thread: 355 Project UPDATE

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    355 Project UPDATE

    Well I went to W. Palm Bch. today to get my wheels and Tires. Meet with Paul down there and he had everything ready. I even picked up the fog lamps. Here are some pic. I go down to pick up the car tomorrow. Frame stretch and reinforcements are done. Cant wait to see it.

    Also wanted to tell everyone, went to Toyota last week and got the blinkers for a 96 camary like Ari said, they had to order the right side, On my way home I seen this place that advertised Lights, grills and other parts for cars and trucks so I said what the heck. I stopped and asked if they had any 96 Camary blinkers. They did and for 15.00 each. I just paid 40.00 at Toyota. So I got them and returned the one I got from Toyota and cancelled the other. Here is a pic of the Blinker too.

    Now all I need is the rear taillights. Does anyone know where I can get the replica ones from?


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    Re: 355 Project UPDATE

    Also, what type of wheel did you end up getting?

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