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    Rhino Buggies

    Asked for some information on the Rhino buggies in the UK... I think this would go down a real treat in the USA as they are SUV crazy.....I can forward their email on to anyone if you email me!.. they are more picture in the email, but nothing on the site!

    Rhino Buggies UK – Blizzard Dakar

    A Brief Overview

    The Blizzard Dakar Kit represents a new concept in Kit Car construction.

    Based on the outstanding Short Wheel Base Nissan Patrol for the donor vehicle (early leaf sprung variants from 1980, up to current models using coil suspension…note; the choice of donor is important to know when ordering the kit as there are some structural differences between the 2 body kits).
    The Blizzard is genuinely a one donor project….. (Oh, you will need to buy a new accelerator cable as the existing one is too short, supply new seatbelts and the mud flaps!!!)

    As delivered, you will receive:-

    A Galvanised Steel Body Shell.
    Fully trimmed interior, including carpets and sound proofing.
    Full Lighting kit included.
    Front and rear, heavy gauge Steel Bumpers (including brackets).
    All glass and rubber seals, ready installed.
    All doors hinged with solex locks and central locking installed. (The doors have side intrusion bars fitted as standard and come with anti burst door catches fitted.
    The body pre-painted in primer.

    To complete the Blizzard, from the body, you need to retain the cabin electronics & interior lights, front seats, steering wheel, gear stick and handbrake, door handles and catches, sun visors, heater / air-con unit and air bags ( if available on the chosen donor)…. The rest you can throw away.

    The chassis stays unmodified with the body bolting back onto the existing mounting points. The amount of refurbishment done is down to the individual and also the condition of the donor, (a good source for donors is e-bay), but as a bare minimum we would recommend degreasing , cleaning and repainting the chassis, as this will be partially visible on the completed vehicle. Replacing all brake lines and hoses, replace the clutch (if a manual car is used). Replace brake pads / shoes and finally service the engine, replace gearbox, transfer case and differential oil. Also the tyres should be replaced….using an ATV type tyre on the Nissan rim gives the vehicle a more aggressive look.

    The Tyres and Rims could be replaced with after market items up to 35” with no suspension mods, but the body will need to be mounted on the chassis with 2” high urethane spacers to fit the 35” tyres. It is strongly recommended however that any suspension or non standard wheel mods be done after registration. Also the speedometer will need recalibrating if using larger wheels.

    The radiator and battery will need repositioning, but this is simply achieved at little additional cost in materials and effort.

    The benefit of this approach to kit car construction is the speed in which the project can be finished, the fact that because all the Nissan mechanicals and electronics are retained the car can be serviced at any Nissan dealership and you have a unique ALL STEEL vehicle.

    Also, because this is a body swop and no modification to the chassis or mechanics have been performed, the Blizzard counts as a body swop project, it needs NO SVA under current legislation and can retain the number plate of the donor. It would be necessary to have a mot and registration document for the donor when starting though, for this to be possible.

    The good news is however; the UK Blizzard demonstrator was put through the SVA process and passed…being classified as a light goods vehicle. The goods SVA is a much simpler and cheaper process. It is unlikely that the Blizzard would pass a passenger car SVA without many modifications. The advantage though is there is currently only one taxation class for light goods vehicles, £170.00 per year irrespective of engine size……how good is that!!!

    Following are pictures of some Blizzards constructed to date and also some details on the galvanized body shell, the picture been on of the Rhino Buggies, Hummer H1 styled kits…..virtually identical in construction, but utilising the Long Wheel Base versions of the Nissan Patrol:-

    Overall Length: 4,16m
    Overall width: 1.92m (the body kit for coil suspension variants is slightly wider)
    Overall height: 2.26m (depends on tyre size and suspension mods
    Overall Weight approx 2.0 tonnes

    For any further details, please don’t hesitate to email us at

    HYPERLINK "" or call the mobile on 07931416121

    Current price, (excluding Shipping and handling and Import Duty and VAT)


    Delivery to your doorstep can be arranged!

    Black Ops

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    Re: Rhino Buggies

    Looks like a Hummer.... I hate Hummers.
    I see at least five a day, all owned by people who will never take them off road and own them to make up for the lack of size in other things.
    I come to you with only &quot;KARATE&quot; - empty hands. I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself, my principles or my honor; should it be a matter of life or death, of right or wrong; then here are my weapons - &quot;KARATE&quot; - my empty hands.<br />- Ed Parker, 1957

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    Re: Rhino Buggies


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    Re: Rhino Buggies

    I don't know that looks better than the H2 and I like it.
    So whats wrong with a replica?

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