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Thread: My 355 Project part II

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    My 355 Project part II

    Hello again everyone and Happy Easter. Just got a new digital camara and been taking pics of everything. Here are some pics of my kit.

    Well that's all I have for now, Going to get rims and tires next weekend. Was going this weekend but forgot about Easter.


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    Re: My 355 Project part II

    Wow! Kit looks smooth!

    To bad about the Wheels/Tires... I still have that set of REAL 355 Ferrari Wheels WITH Michelin Tires for $2500

    DKOV -

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    Re: My 355 Project part II

    Your kit has a seperate rear bumper and indentatons for the exhaust pipes? Neat-o! My IFG/Warlock clone has a one piece rear clip which had no cutouts for the exhaust at all! The clip would sit right on top of the exhaust until I made some cutouts myself.

    I found a dremel type tool works best for cutting out the headlight/front grille areas. Use a drywall cutting bit.

    Where'd you pick up your kit?

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    Re: My 355 Project part II

    8) *Hey *thanks for the compliments. *Actually I remembered you told me you had wheels however for the price I m paying for mine I could not pass it up. * Ari, *Thanks for the input on cutting out the grills and lights. *I had not done that yet cause I wasnt sure of what tool would do the best job. *As far as where I got the kit, *I went down to W. Palm Bch. and got it from Paul directly. *I was surprised to hear bad stuff about him. *He has been pretty straight up with me, but then again that might be *because I go down and deal with him directly rather than by phone or mail. *I talked to Paul about cutting the slats out on the trunk, he told me to use a large drill bit on the corners that gives it a perfact 180 cut. *What do ya'll think about that? * Also when cutting the lights how much do ya'll cut? The whole inner circle or just a small hole for wires? and what about the front blinkers?

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    Re: My 355 Project part II

    For the rear you just cut out a small hole in the middle of each light and can use the stock fiero rear light bulb sockets. Just screw em into the whole and fit the ferrari styled lens right on top of them.

    For the front turn signal you only have to cut out the "deeper" side of it, that is the side that has the light bulb socket coming out of it. You should be able to take your sawzall behind the front nose and cut straight.

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