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Thread: Triangle G?

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    Triangle G?

    Greetings to all!
    So I was shopping for a countach replica for about 6 months and I have come to the conclusion that NO ONE wants to build one for me, and now I am shopping for a good replica of a murcielago, since I live in Los Angeles I figured Triangle G would be my first stop, planning to meet with steve soon and was wondering if anyone has experiences with working with this gentleman...? Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Triangle G?

    I spoke to him yesterday on the phone, and he seems like a nice guy. That's all I can say for now... I did get his full address and everything, enough for me to list him on

    Triangle G
    12214 Miranda St
    North Hollywood, CA 91607
    (818) 769-1624
    Manufactures Porsche GT, Lamborghini Diablo and Murcielago replicas

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    Re: Triangle G?

    Exotic Illusions would build a Countach for you.

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    Re: Triangle G?

    I would go for the Countach replica.. with Exotic Illusion like slip said.. the Yellow 25th is one of their builds it is on a 1988 Pontiac Fiero chassis from what the add said!.. $45,000US... VERY NICE CAR!.... If I was in the US I would be grabbing this one...

    TG Murcielago is by NO WAY a replica.. a LOOK ALIKE yes... NOT a replica.

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