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Thread: Pembleton Brooklands - very historic!

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    Pembleton Brooklands - very historic!


    found this very nice car here in the web. Seems to be very cheap, and looks great - I think.
    I'm from Germany, so I don't understand the text on the website very well.... could somebody tell me what I need to build this car?

    Here's the Website:


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    Re: Pembleton Brooklands - very historic!

    Evidently you need an old Citroen 2CV

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    Re: Pembleton Brooklands - very historic!

    Great looking car...

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    Re: Pembleton Brooklands - very historic!

    Do they have 2cv's in germany? They are neat cars with aircooled motors like old volkswagens but are front engined.

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    Re: Pembleton Brooklands - very historic!

    Look close at the picture above, and you will see that it is front engine, front wheel drive. They also offer a three-wheeler since the rear wheel does nothing. Check your local newspapers and phone book for auto salvage yards to see if there are any Citroens over there in Germany.

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    Re: Pembleton Brooklands - very historic!

    Yes, here in germany are lots of 2Cv's - so ... I'll try to get one... don't know... but i like this car, cause it looks like an old racecar

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    What software should I use?

    Hello . You are nice to me and say me what version of software can use to have a forum like this? I am newbie and I have in mind about what I do but I have the necessary knowledge to make such a forum.Please put the topic where you posted if I where to be and I apologize in advance .PS : I note that the forum will not be on the same topic.

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    That BMW engine or a Moto-Guzzi will work just fine.
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    Pembletons are now on two new websites. There is one where you can buy a readymade 3 wheeler (like the Morgan but at a fraction of the price!) and one where they sell the kits. I can't post the site addresses as I am new to the forum but they can be found by googling pembleton self build.

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