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Thread: Size Does Matter

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    Size Does Matter

    I see a lot of argument here about correct dimensions and the size differences of some of the kits. A car buy itself is just hard to tell the differences and this is the best way I can show you how just three inches can make a big difference. The first picture car by itself the second is the car in the same picture with the same car in back but stock. The car is my 3" chop top Fiero I built. I think after seeing this we all can say three inches makes a big difference.
    I made a new thread for this so I would not mess up some of the other threads and think this needs some attention after one of the kit makers saying his kit is 3.9 inches different like that is no big deal.

    I tried to copy picture but it would not let me so I put the link to the pictures

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    Re: Size Does Matter

    The links does not work on my PC ???

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    Re: Size Does Matter

    i came into this thread just because of the very attractive heading.... :P :P

    just joking....

    yeah, but it's a kitcar after all..

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    Re: Size Does Matter

    Size does matter but so does price. If the extra 3.9" adds $10,000 to a build all of the sudden it doesn't seem like such a big deal. It gets old hearing everyone say how they want an "exact" replica when so few are willing to pay for it.

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    Re: Size Does Matter

    Size does matter! - "People are hanged, and horses are hung!"

    Seriously, a good list of wheelbase sizes are listed here by Sactodreamer...

    If one of these comes close, use it for a donor!

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