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Thread: Have You Guys Seen The Fiero WideBody Website?

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    Have You Guys Seen The Fiero WideBody Website?

    I am not sure if this has been posted about before or not but this young guy took his Fiero and layered up a bodykit, then glassed it. I am not super into Fiero's but he did a great job.


    I thought there was another (better) site about this somewhere. I know it was on the Pennocks Fiero Forum at one time.

    Chamaco had mentioned the Japanese F40 which appears to be a similar technique. Do you guys know if this is a viable what to build a custom car?

    Doesn't the fiberglass crack after time. I have heard numerous people say that it will.


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    Re: Have You Guys Seen The Fiero WideBody Website?

    The plug was made using wood and fibreglass. From there it was used as a plug, and moulds were made. Parts were made from the moulds, and then put onto the car. Traditionally kitcars of the replica variety have panels or bodies that were moulded off of real cars. Where as this approach is making something original from scratch.

    As for the fibreglass cracking, I see kitcars for sale all the time with stress cracks. There's alot of reasons, but usually it's due to the poor craftmanship of the fibreglassing.

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