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Thread: 360 kit MR2 on Ebayyy

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    360 kit MR2 on Ebayyy

    Anyone know who built the kit for this black beauty? Says it was just built, and only 16,000 miles. Is it a DNA?

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    Re: 360 kit MR2 on Ebayyy

    sorry computer illiterate here.... this so called computer isn't really a computer, has no features, WORD, OFFICE, paste, if it did I wouldn't know how to use it! : ;D

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    Re: 360 kit MR2 on Ebayyy

    I think it's an outfit called Triangle G in California but I could be mistaken. Regards Bill

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    -If you build it...they will buy.-

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    Re: 360 kit MR2 on Ebayyy

    Nice Car but

    and I quote

    1) "A real one would cost you over $250,000! Now with this rare offering, you can get a quality accurate reproduction for a small fraction of the cost."

    2) "This car is so rare and so certain to retain its value that you could undoubtedly drive it for a year and sell it for the same price you paid for it!"

    Why do PEOPLE do this?

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    Re: 360 kit MR2 on Ebayyy

    O! I looked up

    and clicked on Current Auctions....

    Triangle G ? The back lid, glass ...looks tiny...

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    Re: 360 kit MR2 on Ebayyy

    is that car a DNA no way,dont look nothink like what im having built,you need to do your home work like the rest of us.freddy obviously

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    Re: 360 kit MR2 on Ebayyy


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    Re: 360 kit MR2 on Ebayyy

    This auction is Ted Over at / . His work has been known to be ugly at best. I had the chance to see photos of a Murc he built and sold on ebay for 45k. Well then the new owner got the car it didnt run well, the doors didnt line up, the paint was bad, the dash was glued down and was coming apart.

    Then he had a million reasons why he couldnt give a refund right away, even though it was fully refundable if the buyer was not happy. He also has a Z8 repro on ebay as well.

    I say stay away at all costs.

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    Re: 360 kit MR2 on Ebayyy

    I agree with DNA... This is an IRA kit all the way. Compare it to illuders kit.

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